About ME

I’m a Strength & Conditioning coach who turned into an applied sports scientist by passion for sciences & innovation. I have over 10 years of experience working in elite team sports. 

I’m currently Head of Research & Development in an elite football club. My role is to oversee all sport performance-related research project from ideation to execution. I’m also leading the Innovation initiatives across the club.

side projects

(THAT i love…)


We have been developing a new interactive platform for young researchers: HelpMyResearch.Our mission is to facilitate networking and to share curated resources to help early career researchers to progress.The platform is two-fold. First, a Slack community to share and discuss about research and seek help when needed. Also, we are progressively building a place where you will find different resources ranging from data analysis tools & how-to to different writing tips for your future publications.


A free-access, web-based platform created to facilitate the dissemination of ‘real world’ research in the field of sport performance and applied sport science

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